Downstream Operations

With a comprehensive portfolio of products for demanding industrial use, Savid Oil and Gas can serve a wide range of industrial needs. Our industrial products include fuels for vehicles and machinery, LPG, light and heavy fuel oil, process oils and lubricants for a wide variety of applications from the circulation oils for paper machines to industrial gears or hydraulics, as well as industrial gasoline for process use, solvents and sulfur.

With our partners refineries and efficient logistics we can ensure consistently reliable deliveries to our customers. A focus on Research & development (R&D) and innovation, combined with the recognized high quality of our products, means that whatever your industry or application, Savid Oil and Gas keeps your business moving forward.

Savid Oil and Gas partners have refining and petrochemical plants which are located close to the key distribution markets in Nigeria and Africa. The Company and partners sells products via own wholesale and retail distribution channels, including developed filling stations network all over Nigeria and African Countries, bunkering infrastructure in four countries. Savid Oil and Gas partner Companies’s trading operations cover all major Nigeria and international markets.

Savid Oil and Gas and partner companies are also working toward owning a power generation and distribution facilities in Nigeria and African Countries to generate power and distribute all over Nigeria and African Countries. The list of assets our company and partner companies will acquire includes gas-fired power stations and renewable power generation facilities such as solar power facilities, wind power plant and hydroelectric power stations.

Savid Oil and Gas and partners sells the bulk of petroleum products in the retail market via its well-diversified distribution network of filling stations and oil depots in the country. To boost sales via filling stations.

Savid Oil and Gas and partner’s produces lubricants production and sells joint ventures, and contracted plants.  a joint venture producing additives