Corporate Governance

“The purpose of corporate governance is to help build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering long-term investment, financial stability and business integrity, thereby supporting stronger growth and more inclusive societies.” Angel Gurría, General Secretary of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

In its activities Savid Oil and Gas follows best practices of corporate governance and takes into account OECD Principles of Corporate Governance as well as Guidelines on Nigeria Corporate Governance of Companies, Enterprises and the Corporate Governance Code for Companies that are duly registred under the Nigerian Corporate Commision CAC.

We seek to work with others who share our commitment to ethics and compliance. We believe in the benefits of competition, and Savid always competes in a fair and justifiable manner.

We have zero tolerance of corruption in any form, and take active steps to ensure that corruption does not occur in relation to Savid’s business activities. We are committed to conducting our business activities in an open manner, promoting transparency in our industry. We protect information created by us, or given to us, to ensure appropriate confidentiality and integrity.

Social Responsibility

Activities of Savid Oil and Gas is guided by the principles of sustainable business development, which include social responsibility and environmental initiatives. Savid Oil and Gas is investing in additional activities that increase not only the economic returns to investors, but also focuses on environment-friendly technologies, and supports a wide range of social, sport, cultural and health projects.

We strive to keep a reliable social partner status of the communities, cities, country and Africa at large by contributing in solving of social problems of the society. Social responsibility of the company is divided in these separate areas:

Caring for the health, well-being and motivation of its employees, as well as development of the professional competence of its employees.

Open relationship with the local communities in whose neighborhood Savid Oil and Gas is operating, as well as openness to other interested parties and the public.

Development of various social initiatives and project for local communities,state and at the national and international level.

Development of civil society (through educational campaigns), which is concerned about the future of Nigeria and Africa’s energy and sustainable development (through the use of Oil and Gas).

Social responsibility and support measures are necessary to maintain good partnership relations with local communities and the public at the national and international level. It is essential for our company to emphasize social importance of the enterprises; this objective is called a “common welfare”. In addition, Savid Oil and Gas company has an objective to become an example of upholding the essential values of the country and Africa at large.

We aim to create lasting value for local communities through our business activities. Our contribution may include direct and indirect local employment, local procurement of goods and services, local infrastructure development and capacity-building as well as social investments. We will conduct our business consistently with  Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Respecting people

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone working at our facilities and job sites. Savid’s safety and security vision is zero harm. We provide an environment recognized for its equality and diversity, and we treat everyone with fairness, respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of colleagues or others affected by our operations.

Respecting the Environment

Savid Oil and Gas is committed to protecting our country’s natural resources and reducing our environmental footprint. Our Commitment to Environmental Excellence defines our strict standards for environmental stewardship and creates a culture of environmental protection among our employees and business partners.